SASAC Supports Legislation to address caste-based discrimination in the US

Statement of Support for Anti-caste Discrimination Laws in the US

March 28, 2023

By the South Asia Scholar Activist Collective (SASAC)

The South Asia Scholar Activist Collective (SASAC) – an organization of scholars advocating for inclusive politics and academic freedom in teaching and scholarship on South Asia – strongly supports legislations and ordinances that add caste to anti-discrimination policies and make caste-based discrimination specifically and explicitly illegal in American cities and states. In doing so, legislative bodies take an important step – first taken by universities such as the California State University System, Brown University, Brandeis University, and Colby College and later by the City of Seattle – to offer protections against caste-based discrimination in education, employment, and access to public services. Laws that protect against caste discrimination in the US offer equity of access and redress for harm for those marginalized by caste position.


As scholars of South Asia, we would like to make 3 main points to show why such legislation is needed, that it is not discriminatory against any ethnic or religious group, and why it is an important civil rights issue in the US:




As scholars and teachers in US universities, we welcome the expansion of civil rights protections such as banning caste-based discrimination in pursuit of creating more equitable environments for all.