South Asia Scholar Activist Collective


The South Asia Scholar Activist Collective is a group of scholars, activists, and students of South Asian studies and adjacent fields who are based in North America. We ground ourselves on two pillars:

A belief in the humanities and scholarship

A commitment to progressive, inclusive politics

We formed this group in 2021, within an environment where right-wing forces threaten to erode these things that we hold dear. We stand strong together.


Being in this space and doing this work carries risk. We seek to balance security concerns with our desire, as academics and activists, for transparency, and so we name some of the members of our collective with their permission (in alphabetical order)--

Manan Ahmed, Columbia University

Ananya Chakravarti, Georgetown University

Rohit Chopra, Santa Clara University

Purnima Dhavan, University of Washington

Supriya Gandhi, Yale University

Simran Jeet Singh, Aspen Institute

Davesh Soneji, University of Pennsylvania

Dheepa Sundaram, University of Denver

Audrey Truschke, Rutgers University-Newark

Hear from some of SASAC's members about why we formed this collective and our first major project.

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